• Sports Day

    Jelly Bean’s First Sports Day

    This morning was the last of our little family’s ‘firsts’ when it comes to Preschool Sports Days as Jelly Bean took part in his preschool sports day. For the past year he has been attending the same preschool that his big sister and brother attended before him but from September he will be moving to […]

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  • P&G say ‘Thank You’ to some very proud parents 1

    P&G say ‘Thank You’ to some very proud parents

    Being a parent is the most fulfilling role I have undertaken in my life so far, its definitely my proudest achievement. Each time one of them reaches a milestone or overcomes a challenge, my heart beats right out of my chest and they still have such a long way to go. At this moment in […]

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  • Brave, selfish or stupid? 2

    Brave, selfish or stupid?

    As I sit in the comfort of my lounge, feet up on a bean bag I’m watching the programme Men Who Jump Off Buildings I feel physically sick and I have to say a little annoyed. These are adrenaline junkies who parachute jump from fixed objects such as buildings, statues or really high mountains and […]

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