• WingLights Pop – Turn Signals for Bicycles

    WingLights Pop are clever Turn Signals for Bicycles which I discovered via a contact on my LinkedIn page and they stood out for me immediately as something which Simon would find very useful for his bike. Over the past couple of years Simon has become a very keen cyclist thanks to his keen cycling colleagues […]

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  • Mountain biking

    Mountain Biking: A new pace of life

    Today I am handing over the reins of the blog to my husband Simon to tell you a bit more about how he got into mountain biking and the difference it has made to his life . . . A bit about me I have always been a sporty person and for the majority of […]

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  • Common Sports Betting Mistakes All Novices Should Avoid

    Sports betting is one of the most widely practiced forms of betting, and is currently on the rise in all of Australia. Although this notable game-type-gambling is one of the best ways to pass some extra time on your hands, many people also pay homage to sports betting due to the fact that for an […]

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  • 5 UK Sporting Events for your diary in 2018

    It always feels good to have something to look forward to doesn’t it, they help you through the mundane days where nothing seems to be happening or things don’t appear to be going your way. In 2018 there are some great events to look forward to in the sporting calendar so here’s five for you […]

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  • Dirt World Action Sports Park

    Dirt World Sports Activity Park needs your help!

    An outdoor sports activity park situated at Yarwell near Peterborough has just put forward a planning application to the local council and is asking riders to show support for the proposed development. The proposal is for a venue that includes an off-road motorcycle track as well as tracks for mountain bikes, 4x4s, mud running and […]

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  • Featured Post

    Why is there still a gender imbalance in sport?

    There can be little doubt about it; regardless of raging debates, hundreds of columns dedicated to the matter, and the social media frenzy that follows almost every recorded instance, there is still a huge gender imbalance in the world of sport. We were collectively outraged more than once during the Rio Olympics as female athletes […]

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  • Sports Day

    Jelly Bean’s First Sports Day

    This morning was the last of our little family’s ‘firsts’ when it comes to Preschool Sports Days as Jelly Bean took part in his preschool sports day. For the past year he has been attending the same preschool that his big sister and brother attended before him but from September he will be moving to […]

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