• morning coffee healthier

    Simple Changes that Make Your Morning Coffee Healthier

    People in America drink over 280 million cups of coffee each day at home, which amounts to over 102 billion cups of coffee brewed in a year. This means that many people in America are fond of this drink and would love to start their day with coffee as it makes you fresh and give […]

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  • Healthy

    How To Get Stronger Nails And Hair?

    There aren’t many beauty products that work equally well on both the hair and nails. Obviously, the common link between the two is your body, which usually means your nutrition or your environment. But first, you should check your personal care regimens anyway. Regeneration is Key “Regeneration” is the key to building up strong hair […]

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  • Superfoods you need

    7 Superfoods you need in 2020

    What better time is there to reflect and start making healthy changes than when entering a new decade? Well, 2020 is here and now’s the time to add some super nutritious foods to the family diet. Whether you’re offering them up in their pure form, or disguised in smoothies, treats or teas, here are 7 […]

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  • Cooking with children

    How to Create Healthy Eating Habits in Your Kids

    As parents, all we want is for our kids to be happy and healthy. While there are many factors to consider here, one essential way of ensuring their wellbeing is establishing healthy eating habits from a young age. If you have a kid and are not sure how to approach this often tedious task, keep […]

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  • Unhealthy snacks

    Reasons To Quit Eating Heavy Snacks In The Evening

    At home or in your office, there are a few very good reasons to quit eating heavy snacks in the evening. You must remember that the primary objective of snacking is to beat your pre-mealtime hunger pangs. However, that should not fill your stomach to such an extent that you feel like skipping dinner, which, […]

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  • Leafy Greens

    7 Best Foods for Controlling Diabetes

    It is not easy to figure out the ideal foods that you should consume when your blood sugar level is high. The main objective should be eating foods that will help in controlling the sugar level in the blood. If you are diabetic and you do not know the foods that you should eat, consider […]

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  • A Queensgate Festive Feastival 1

    A Queensgate Festive Feastival

    Last week I attended a fabulous Christmas Qblogger event at Queensgate Shopping Centre for a Festive Feastival to tantalise the taste buds.  Think speed dating mixed with retailers and restaurants and that was pretty much how the evening panned out. John Lewis We began our journey in the John Lewis Restaurant.  Here we were treated to a mouthwatering […]

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