• is tap water safe

    Is the Tap Water in Your House Safe For Your Baby?

    Drinking tap water daily may be safe for a healthy, robust adult. Nevertheless, current state standards should focus more on the tap water contaminants that are harmful to babies when exposure occurs during their critical developmental stages. Are you giving your newborn tap water? Considering tap water may contain lead, nitrates, pesticides and herbicides, hormones, […]

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  • Cleft Lip and palate

    Operation Smile UK announces Saira Khan as Ambassador

    Saira Khan, TV presenter, columnist and businesswoman has announced she is to be an Ambassador for Operation Smile UK. Over 300,000 Successful Surgeries Operation Smile has provided over 300,000 successful surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate worldwide. Saira said: “It is an absolute honour to be involved with such a life-changing […]

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  • sight problems

    How to tell if your child has a sight problem

    #ad NEW figures that short-sightedness amongst UK children has more than doubled since the 1960s, with almost 20% of under 16s now living with the condition, make eye-watering reading for parents and carers. Moreover, experts believe it is environmental factors that are driving the change, rather than genetics. So it is more important than ever […]

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  • Ear wax removal

    Ear Wax Removal – The Importance of Having It Done

    If you’re ready to tackle the ear wax buildup in your ear, Auris Ear Care is ready and waiting to help you. They not only have experience in treating both children and adults but they have over 10 years of experience doing so as well. As important as it is to know that you need to have […]

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  • Prevent Sports Burnout in Children

    How to Prevent Sports Burnout in Children

    Sports can be a valuable resource and experience for children. When kids play sports, they learn important lessons about rules, teamwork, and the reward that comes with hard work and practice. They also receive leadership opportunities, social interaction, and fitness lessons that can stay with them for their entire lives. But with all of the […]

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  • Type 1 Diabetes

    What to Do When Your Child is Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

    Finding out your child has type 1 diabetes can be a frightening discovery. The thought of having to administer insulin and create personalized diet plans may not be easy to process. Nonetheless, you should rest assured that type 1 diabetes is a manageable condition, and your child can still go on to live a happy […]

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