• 15 Healthy Recipes To Upgrade Your Spring Picnic Ideas

    15 Healthy Recipes To Upgrade Your Spring Picnic Ideas

    Can’t wait for the weather to get warmer? Planning a joyful spring, having many picnics on the weekends? Read on for mouth-watering spring picnic ideas. Let’s face it, our love for winters flies out when the holiday season comes to an end. With bated breath, we wait for the snow to melt away, ushering in […]

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  • Tuscan Bean Soup

    Scott Simplissimo Chef Cook Blender – Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe

    #AD-GIFTED Earlier this year when I attended the Exclusively Brand Showcase in London, I met up with premium small home appliance experts Scott, I was immediately drawn to the Scott Simplissimo Chef. Anything which makes cooking as simple and labour-free whilst keeping it healthy is good in my book. Scott Simplissimo Chef The Simplissimo Chef […]

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  • Trying out M&S latest Cherry and Berry recipes

    Unless you’re a natural born foodie it can be quite difficult trying to constantly come up with new recipes to keep your meals a little more interesting. If you’re not a natural born foodie like me, then you might want to check out the M&S website, in particular their Adventures in Food section which showcases […]

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  • Benjamina Ebuehi

    Benjamina’s Coconut and White Chocolate Cookies

    Bacofoil teams up with Bake Off favourite Benjamina Ebuehi to create a sweet treat with a nutty twist This devilishly good cookie recipe is loaded with desiccated coconut and creamy white chocolate chunks! And what’s more, once baked, your cookie will be crisp on the outside while gooey in the middle. They’re sure to be […]

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  • Handmade Christmas Craft Ideas

    I hate to be the one to say it but Christmas will be here before we know it so I’m already starting to look for gift ideas. As a teenager I often used to make handmade gifts and I loved the activity of doing it but also the warm fuzzy feeling when my gifts were […]

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  • Spices

    Make Weeknight Meals Wonderful

    Most of us have the same five or so meals which we rotate each week and have cooked for ages. Whilst it’s great that we know how to perfect a pasta bolognese and have added some finesse to our fish and veg– it could be time for a change. If you feel like you’re stuck […]

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