• Stop kids being mean

    How to Help your Kids Stop Being Mean to Other Kids

    The moment one becomes a parent, their life changes. Suddenly your little one becomes your life, and you would want the best for him, and for him to grow up to be a healthy, happy and honest person. Now with you having his best interests at heart, it can be heartbreaking to see him being […]

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  • How to help your kids deal with anger and negativity

    How to Help your Kids Deal with Anger & Negativity

    As a parent, you’re probably juggling a number of tasks every day – household chores, work, your kid’s schedule, his meals and raising him to be a healthy, happy and successful adult. While temper tantrums are common, frequent anger outburst and negative thinking aren’t, and if left ignored, could affect your kid’s psychological development and […]

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  • How to help your kids manage their emotions better

    How to Help your Kids Manage Their Emotions Better

    Emotions are important when it comes to living life – they help us make decisions, handle issues and defines who we are. Some individuals, however, are much more emotionally sensitive than others, and they have trouble handling them, and most of the time, this incompetency develops right from childhood. If you too, suspect you have […]

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  • children baking

    How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Winter Season

    As we are now fast approaching the winter months, no doubt your children will be counting down the days until the festive season. While this time of year is made for children, it can be hard for parents to keep them entertained with schools being off and the weather outside not always being great. Here, […]

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  • Royal Albert Hall

    An open letter to the lady at The Royal Albert Hall xx

    The first I knew of your existence was when I heard your young daughter’s screams as I walked with my children down the stairwell to the toilets following The Great Orchestral Adventure. The next thing I knew your daughter (I assume she was your daughter) had thrown herself across the floor and was flailing her […]

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  • Ommie and the Magical Garden

    Ommie and the Magical Garden – Active Yoga for Children

    A few months ago when I was worried about how stressed out Little Bean could get herself, she would get herself so upset that she didn’t know how to calm herself and afterwards she would be embarrassed and frightened by how out of control she could get. At that time I decided we should try […]

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  • #Project366

    Project 366 – Week 16 2016

    Woohoo I’m getting up to date with this little project, I am so determined that I will complete the full year so let’s get on with Week 17!! The morning after our night out celebrating birthdays we were all feeling a little ‘delicate’ but Hubby made us all feel so much better with a yummy […]

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