• Primary school places 1

    Primary school places

    The Coronavirus is affecting the world in unforeseen and profound ways.  While school buildings across the country are closed to the majority of pupils, the staff working in education have not stopped. Thursday 16th April will still see the announcement of the primary school places for September 2020.  While this may not be at the […]

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  • performing poorly at school

    What to Do if your Child is Performing Poorly at School

    Like adults, children can experience ups and downs in their working lives. There are multiple outside factors which conspire to disrupt them or set them on the wrong track during their early academic lives. Whether your child is very bright, average or has additional needs, there is every reason to support them to aspire to […]

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  • Starting School

    Top Tips to Help your child settling into Primary School

    The Summer and its infamous six week holiday came and went in a whirlwind, and we are now in the early stages of an autumnal September. With the end of Summer and the beginning of September, comes a monumental stage in many parents and children’s lives like – the first day of school. It can […]

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  • Friends

    How to Help Your Child Make New Friends

    Starting a new school and making new friends can be an anxious time for children. Although some children are naturally sociable, many children suffer from shyness, which can hinder their ability to develop friendships. Fortunately, this is something that parents can help children to overcome, using a few simple techniques. Developing Social Skills Read on […]

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  • Study

    How to Get Your Kids Back to School Ready

    Being parents, we all want to do everything we can to help our children succeed in every area of life. One particularly important area we want to help them in their education. With summer winding down and a return to school looming in the not too distant future, it’s important that we do what we […]

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  • School Bus

    A Quick Guide for Parents on How to Prepare Your Child for School

    Starting school is an exciting and challenging period both for a child and for parents. It is a completely new environment and people. Kids will make some friends here and start education. It might be overwhelming to get used to so many new activities. A parent must prepare their child for this adventure. Parents need […]

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  • Highfield and Brookham Nursery Assistant reading with nursery children

    Help your child be ‘Reception Ready’ this summer

    Summer is a very good time to start considering how to prepare your child for their very first day at school. This can be an exciting if daunting period, but a child’s first experience of school is important and it is in everyone’s interest to ensure that the transition is as positive as possible. As […]

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  • #BacktoSchool

    Back to school – are YOU ready? Plus STABILO giveway!!

    Everyone seems to worry about getting the kids ready for heading back to school. But what about us parents? It’s one thing having the children sorted with new uniforms and things, but school bells ringing also means an early alarm clock sounding off too…but don’t let back to school stress you out. Here you’ll find […]

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  • #BeMoreWitWitWoo

    A rollercoaster week of emotions

    When I awoke on Monday morning I had a week spread ahead of me with a few little plans and a long to-do list before the children break up from school on Friday. However, from the moment that I dropped the children to school on Monday morning each day has brought something new which has […]

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