• Treads Shoes

    Treads Indestructible School Shoes for Boys

    Any parent with boys in school will know the pain and misery of buying school shoes that last more than a term. I have often asked our boys “what do you do at school??” as I tire of the fact that yet another ‘new’ pair of shoes has only lasted a term before they look […]

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  • Ollie is riding his bike – another milestone reached!!

    I have never considered myself to be a pushy parent, I think it’s important for children to find their own feet and to develop at their own pace. I didn’t constantly roll them over as babies or lift them into the walking position, I knew that they would do what what necessary in their own […]

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  • Sports Day: Mother's Pride 1

    Sports Day: Mother’s Pride

    For once the sun was shining on our school Sports Day which took place this morning. Parents came out in droves to support their children and it was a great atmosphere all around. For us, it was the first year that we were able to see all three of the smaller Beans taking part together […]

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  • The Spinney

    Adventure time at The Spinney

    Do you have those places local to you that you hear people talking about and you think “we must go there”, then 10 seconds later you promptly forget about it until the next time someone mentions it? Well, The Spinney is one such place for us. I have been meaning to take the Beans there […]

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  • Saturday Snippets

    Saturday Snippets – 21/01/17

    This week feels like it has flown by, that seems to be the way once the children are at school, the weeks whizz by before your eyes. {Feeling} great! You know those weeks where you feel really focused and achieve a lot in a short space of time? That’s how this week has been for […]

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  • Christmas 2016

    Christmas 2016 in pictures

    Christmas 2016 was a very enjoyable and relaxing Christmas in the Mummy Matters household. As a family we like to keep things quite traditional, we get up at whatever time the Beans decide, this year it was around 6am so quite sociable as far as we were concerned. The Beans always lean over the banisters […]

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  • Father Christmas

    The Magic of Christmas when they still believe

    Even though I have tipped the scale of 40 years of age I still remember clearly the magic of Christmas as a child. The excitement of Christmas day in the lead up to it, helping my family to decorate the Christmas trees and the anticipation wait for my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins to arrive. Christmas […]

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