• Little Bean

    What it’s like to have a child who doesn’t eat

    It’s been nearly 11 years since my journey with attempting to feed Lillie began and it hasn’t got any easier, in fact, if anything, it’s getting worse. She’ll grow out of it As a small child, I was forever being told: “she’ll grow out of it, my daughter was a picky eater at that age”. […]

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  • #OatyBites

    Healthy snacks courtesy of Jammie Dodgers #OatyBites

    Jammie Dodgers have been a staple ‘treat’ in my life since a very young age and I’m pleased to say that all of the Beans love them as much as I do, seriously who can resist their Jammie deliciousness?! Jammie Dodgers Oaty Bites Anyway, getting back to those Jammie Dodgers that we all know and […]

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  • MQ Mental Health Infographic

    The facts on young people’s mental health

    Sadly mental health is STILL something which has a stigma attached to it. So when I came across this useful infographic created through mental health research I wanted to share it with my readers. As a parent of young children, I worry about their future and how the path of their lives will shape them. […]

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  • @MummyMatters

    Have I failed my children? {Poor eating habits}

    I was talking to my Mum last night about how hard I am finding mealtimes with the Beans at the moment. Heck, not even at the moment, I’ve struggled with mealtimes for years. History For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of my blog and the troubles we have faced with Little […]

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  • Harvester

    Getting the weekend off to a good start with Harvester

    Now that I have two of the Beans in Primary school the school holidays seem all the more important as the house feels very quiet (sometimes pleasantly so) without them there. I like to celebrate the start of the holidays and so for most of this school year we have enjoyed a family meal out […]

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  • Fussy Eater

    Kindly keep your opinions to yourself #Talesofafussyeater

    Our issues with Little Bean’s difficult eating have been well reported here on Mummy Matters and friends who know me in the ‘real’ world know all-too-well the troubles that we have had with her. I know that people who do not know me or Little Bean will not know of our issues but I do get […]

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  • #PizzaExpressFamily

    #PizzaExpressFamily Treat Night for the Beans

    I couldn’t begin to guess how many times we have been to Pizza Express with the Beans but I can definitely tell you it’s our family’s favourite place to eat. Jelly Bean is only 3 years old but already he knows the Pizza Express sign and will point it out excitedly when we visit a […]

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  • Could Selective Eating Disorder be the answer? 1

    Could Selective Eating Disorder be the answer?

    It has been well documented here on Mummy Matters the struggles I have had when it comes to Little Bean and her lack of eating. Over the Summer, friends pointed me in the direction of the TV programme Born Naughty and in particular the plight of a family whose son wouldn’t eat. I watched the […]

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  • #PackedLunchLove

    Bento Lunch Boxes with Capri Sun Fruit Crush

    If you know me well, you’ll know that mealtimes are my least favourite meal of the day as far as the Beans are concerned. I never intended for it to be that way, obviously, but over time Little Bean’s dislike for most foods coupled with the boy’s tendencies to copy her have resulted in most […]

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