• Huggies Pull Ups

    Jelly Bean loves being a Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassador

    A few months ago, Jelly Bean and if we would like to be Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassadors for 2015 and it was an opportunity we didn’t need to think twice about. Jelly Bean is now coming up for 29 months and so it’s time to start thinking about potty training. I know by now many people […]

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  • Tampax

    Do you remember ‘the talk?’ Tampax is here to help!

    As a mother to a young daughter I am fully aware that one day I am going to have to explain how her body works. I’m going to have to explain to her about periods, her changing body and how these things will affect her future. Next weekend I celebrate my 39th birthday so it’s […]

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