• Christmas Gift Guide

    Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

    Our fur-babies give us lots of fun and unconditional love throughout the year so it’s only right that we make sure they are remembered at Christmas too.  This is our Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs with our pick of treats, toys and gadgets. PitPat Dog Activity Monitor Just like you would wear an activity tracker […]

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  • KarmaPets 1


    If your dog suffers from nerves and anxiety, then you might find that keeping it calm and happy can be really quite difficult, no matter how much time and effort you put into making sure that your dog feels safe and comfortable. You might have heard of KarmaPets.com and the calming dog treat products that […]

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  • Raw Dog Food

    How to Explain the Raw Dog Food Diet to Kids

    Having a family pet can be a great way of teaching your children responsibility as well as bringing a whole bundle of love into your household! You should, therefore, treat them like an adult and explain things as best as you can to help them understand. One aspect of pet ownership that you may involve […]

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  • pet ideas for kids

    4 Low-Maintenance Pet Ideas for Kids

    There are very few children who don’t dream about owning a pet and while having a pet can teach kids about responsibility and dependability, as well as many other advantages, parents are often reluctant about getting one. Choosing the right pet Choosing the right pet can be a difficult process and while cats and dogs […]

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  • choosing a dog

    How to choose the right dog for you

    Today I’m handing over the reins to Lee Hobbs of First Class Dog Training.  Dobby and I have just completed a 6-week puppy course with Lee so I figured who better to give some helpful advice on how to choose the right dog for you than a professional dog trainer. Over to Lee So you […]

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