• Symon Cherry Tree

    Let me introduce you to Symon with a Y

    Some might say that busker Symon’s story is something Simon Cowell wishes he could have dreamed up, but for the former City worker the journey from accounts executive at Thomson Reuters to celebrated busker has been one with definite challenges but an overriding sense of positivity. The Royal College of Music graduate always understood the […]

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  • Curly

    An interview with Curly aged 13 years and 7 months . . .

    Do you know, I could have sworn I had already published Curly’s ‘interview’ but then I found it sitting on my desktop hidden in the wrong folder so I’m guessing not since I can’t find it on Mummy Matters so here goes with Curly’s answers . . . What is your favourite colour? Red or […]

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  • Little Bean

    An interview with Little Bean aged 6 years 9 months

    A few weeks ago I decided to do something a little different on the blog with regards to the Beans. I wanted something that we could look back on in year’s to come and hopefully raise a few smiles over or even stifle a few giggles. Such is the mind of children as they change […]

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  • Beanie Boy

    An interview with Beanie Boy aged 4yrs 4mths

    Whilst out and about today and having a little chat with Beanie Boy, I decided a fun post for me (and him) to look back on and I shall do the same with the other Beans. What is your favourite colour? Gold (I was sure he would have said Red as that really IS his […]

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