• Apps for Mums

    Apps for Mums

    There are lots of apps on the market for soon-to-be mums, and new mums. Where you want to track your baby’s development and progress, or have some time to yourself, or losing the baby weight, there’s apps for everything. Apps on the market The bump, which is available in both iTunes and Android, is an […]

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  • Review: Cussons Mum & Me range 2

    Review: Cussons Mum & Me range

    Taking care of yourself is always important if you want to look good for as long as possible but never more so than when you are pregnant or have just had a baby. Growing a super-cute little bundle of joy definitely takes its toll on your body, dry skin and stretch marks are just some […]

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  • 5 Tips for settling a newborn 3

    5 Tips for settling a newborn

    I am in no way suggesting that i am an expert when it comes to newborns but now that i am on baby number 3 i have discovered a few things which do help to settle a newborn in the early weeks. Swaddling With each baby I have had the advice from the hospital has […]

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  • Looking after your gums when pregnant . . . 5

    Looking after your gums when pregnant . . .

    A common complaint of pregnancy is bleeding gums, I know, pregnancy is full of the fun stuff! Just add it to the list of morning sickness, constipation, piles and varicose veins. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs because of the hormonal changes which make the gums extra sensitive to bacteria present in plaque. When it comes to bleeding […]

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  • Jelly Bean’s Birth Story 6

    Jelly Bean’s Birth Story

    It’s hard to believe that Jelly Bean has been here over three weeks already and yet in some ways it’s hard to imagine the days before he arrived, it just feels normal to have him here. My readers will not be surprised to learn that I was getting a little impatient towards the end of […]

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  • Introducing the new baby on the blog! 7

    Introducing the new baby on the blog!

    How can it be that my little Jelly Bean is already 1 week old?! It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was waddling around with a huge bump, inadvertently rolling my eyes every time someone commented to me “isn’t it time you had that baby yet?”. As it turned out, Jelly Bean was only 5 […]

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