• Utmost Me

    How I am reaching my full potential with Utmost Me

    Being self-employed and working from home is definitely the best lifestyle choice that I ever made for myself and for my family but it’s not always easy. As my own boss, I only have myself to answer to when I want to take time off to watch the children in a performance at school or […]

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  • #BeMoreWitWitWoo

    A rollercoaster week of emotions

    When I awoke on Monday morning I had a week spread ahead of me with a few little plans and a long to-do list before the children break up from school on Friday. However, from the moment that I dropped the children to school on Monday morning each day has brought something new which has […]

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  • High-Speed Memories of my 30th Birthday Track Day 1

    High-Speed Memories of my 30th Birthday Track Day

    It seems ridiculous to think that my 30th Birthday was more than 10 years ago . . . excuse me whilst I sit and sob into the corner. Life certainly does have this ability to fly by in the blink of an eye. To that extent, I believe it’s important to grab opportunities when you […]

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  • Fashion World

    Dress up for Summer with Fashion World

    Since being a work at home Mum I fell into the trap of living in jeans day in, day out. Slowly but surely I am changing my ‘uniform’ and have been incorporating more dresses into my daily wardrobe, the effect is I feel more feminine, fit for the occasion and like I’ve actually made an […]

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  • Photo gift

    Capture Special Moments with Lovely Photo Prints!

    Families have a special bond that is rare in this world. From the time you are born, till you breathe your last breath, there will be innumerable moments created that you want to relive for the rest of your life! And then there are friends who are like family! Wedding photos, birth of your child, […]

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  • My journey to self-awareness 2

    My journey to self-awareness

    Some people are quite happy to poddle through life taking each day as it comes and not really think about the why, when and where of matters in their life. Personally, I have always taken great interest in finding out more, more about myself, more about what makes me tick and how the things that […]

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  • Couples spa

    My Birthday Wishlist – 2018

    Squeeee my birthday is fast approaching this week, I shall be 42 this year and I still get excited about my birthday – I shall always be a big kid! So here’s a little insight into what’s on my birthday wishlist . . . Canon G7X Mark II It wouldn’t be a birthday list if […]

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  • Who is Sabina Green?

    Who is Sabina Green?

    My beautiful friend Kara has tagged me in a post where you get to find out a little bit more about me. Despite this blog being called Mummy Matters, it has been pointed out that I actually don’t talk about myself that much. I’m a family-first kind of person so I guess that tells you […]

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