• Have you seen the new Limited Edition gNappies designs? 1

    Have you seen the new Limited Edition gNappies designs?

    Who can resist a cute little baby’s bottom when it’s covered in a gPant? For those who haven’t heard about gNappies and gPants they are the modern Mums answer to disposable nappies. gPants are the cute outer pant and you can buy disposable inserts which can be composted so they are better for the environment. […]

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  • Last night I ‘Swished’!!!! 2

    Last night I ‘Swished’!!!!

    Yes you read that right, last night I ‘swished’!!!! Have you heard of swishing? It’s been popular in the US for a long time but has only been here in the UK for the last year. I have fancied giving it a go but I still hadn’t seen anything local to me until last night. […]

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  • Review: gNappies eco-friendly nappies 3

    Review: gNappies eco-friendly nappies

    Cloth nappies have come a long way from the terry towelling cloths and rubber pants of days gone by. I still remember these from when my cousins were young and you had to avoid sticking the safety pin in their tummy or your finger as you tried to secure the nappy in place and then […]

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  • British Gas Smart Meters 4

    British Gas Smart Meters

    In life there are good and bad surprises. I like good surprises, Hubby coming home with a bunch of flowers (hint hint) or a special night out. I don't like bad surprises like hefty energy bills that eat up all your savings. It's easily done during winter as the nights draw in, lights come on […]

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  • Being green

    Green by name . . .

    . . . green by nature? Well actually yes we do try to be. I think most families ‘try’ to do their bit now as we have all begun to realise the importance of being ‘green’. BritMums and British Gas are currently having a conversation about how we can all help to do our bit […]

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  • renewable energy

    Teaching your family about renewable energy

    Renewable energy is often called the way to the future, so it only makes sense that families should want to teach their children about it as they get older. Green is not just a way to get electricity; it is a way of life. So the earlier that you start to teach your kids about […]

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  • michaela strachan

    Kenco, Michaela Strachan and Glass Animals?

    Would I like to interview Michaela Strachan? That was a question I was asked last week!! Really? Me? I used to watch Michaela Strachan when I was a child and now you want me to ask her some questions? Kenco, Michaela and Chris Kenco have recently launched a new-look coffee jar which uses 7% less […]

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  • Wipe Out Waste launches today!! 5

    Wipe Out Waste launches today!!

    Do you recycle? Did you know that up until now, not everything that we put in our recycle bins can actually be recycled? Waste such as baby wipe packs, crisp packets, drinks pouches and toothbrushes all end up in landfill sites because there was no other option. That was until Johnson Baby’s Partner, Terracycle came […]

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