• Wall stickers

    Create an amazing ambience with wall stickers

    Trying to create a warm or fun space in your home can be a tough thing to create. If you’re not using paint or altering the entire look of rooms, what else are you supposed to do? Luckily, in just a few moments of time, you’re going to have the chance to create an amazing […]

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  • BeanBagBazaar

    Review & Giveaway: Faux Fur Beanbag from BeanBagBazaar

    #Ad – This is a collaborative post with Bean Bag Bazaar.  We have been given the featured Faux Fur Beanbag. Our Faux Fur Beanbag We chose one the ICON Ottawa Faux Fur bean bags in mink for our lounge.  This is an adult-sized bean bag, made from luxury, soft-touch fabric.  You really have to see […]

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  • Living Room Trends

    The top 6 living room trends for the new year

    When it comes to trends, there will be a few that work for most people and a few that don’t. That is just the nature of trends and has been that way for several years on end. Sometimes, a select bunch of people pick out the rarer trends that most people do not gravitate towards. […]

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  • WIN!!!! Gallinule Costmetic Bag from Wilful Ink

    Wilful Ink Mother’s Day Giveaway

    Mother’s (or Mum’s as I prefer it) come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they? Which is why I often wonder why high street shops always go for the pink and girly flowery gifts. Obviously, I would love any gift that my children choose for me but I would never choose the flowery, uber-feminine gifts […]

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  • belvedere_pewter_curtains_3

    Easiest Way to Freshen up the Look of your Room

    Spring can’t come quick enough if you ask me! Winter has left me feeling a bit meh, the colours and drab weather, it is dark and cold and I feel the need to be inspired. Some of the ways I like to help lift my mood are by adding a touch of colour to our […]

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  • Sloane & Sons

    Creating our reading corner with Sloane & Sons

    One thing that everyone in our family has in common is a love of reading. It fills me with pride to see my children losing themselves in a book, so much better than staring at a screen. With this in mind, Hubby and I had discussed how we would like to create a little corner […]

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