• Dr. Beckmann

    Dr Beckmann: Specialist Laundry and Household cleaning

    We moved into our shiny new build house in September 2010, it was an exciting time to have a brand new home with all shiny new fitted appliances but what we didn’t consider was the amount of battering said appliances would take over the years with a family quickly growing from 3 to 6!! We […]

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  • Vax Air Cordless

    Vax Air Cordless Lift Duo Review

    With four children in the house it’s safe to say that we need to vacuum our house regularly, if it isn’t the fluff off their socks sticking to the carpets, it’s the food that they have been told 1000 times NOT to take out of the kitchen or little bits of paper, sequins and beads […]

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  • Hoover Black Friday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers

    Save BIG on a range of irons and vacuums cleaners from Hoover I recently shared with you my love for the Ironspeed Steam Generator Iron so when I spotted these Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers I decided to share them with you so that you can Save big on a range of irons and […]

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  • Home Improvement

    Which flooring is best for a kitchen/dining room?

    The Mummy Matters household has been a bit of a tip for the last few weeks as we have had the builders in. We made the decision a few months ago that the original layout of our 4 year old house just wasn’t working for our growing family. The dining room felt cramped and so […]

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  • Smeg’s Symphony SY62MX8

    Your guide to family-friendly ovens

    Every family needs an oven; they are an absolute must. However, they aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you want one that offers easy-cleaning, top-notch cooking facilities and happens to look pretty good too. However, affordable, value-packed ovens do exist. In fact, there are many to pick from, perhaps too many which can lead to wrong […]

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