• Renovating kitchens

    How Renovating Kitchens Optimises The Look Of The House

    Kitchen and bathroom are the most accessible part of the house and, wears faster than most other rooms. Some repair and renovation should be done to keep it in a proper working condition. A slight change in the kitchen can spice up the look of the entire house. Renovating kitchens will also help give your […]

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  • Party

    Why people hang out in the kitchen at parties

    The playlist is sorted, the wine is well-stocked and the beer chilling. The enticing smells of your home cooking waft around the house and you’ve tidied up to that superior level that is only ever done when guests are coming. You’ve even hoovered behind the tricky bits. Your lounge and living spaces look their best; […]

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  • Kitchen Blinds

    How to Choose the Best Kitchen Blinds?

    The kitchen is a major portion of the house. From time to time it does require some maintenance as well. Any close visitor who visits you at your home at least once drops inside the kitchen area. And hence no less effort must be made for keeping the kitchen spaces attractive, comfortable, stylish, graceful and […]

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  • VonShef Stand Mixer

    VonShef Stand Mixer Review [AD-GIFTED]

    I have enjoyed baking for as long as I remember, my Mum taught me to bake when I was little so it stands to reason that I have taught my own children to bake too. When I was younger I used to prepare my cake batter the traditional way, you know . . . a […]

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  • Replacement Kitchen doors

    8 Tips to update the look for your kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the place where family meals are cooked, parties are prepared, family gatherings are held and countless cups of tea are made to put the world to rights. The trouble with this is that all this traffic in one can take its toll and before you know […]

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  • Kitchen trends for 2019

    My favourite kitchen trends for 2019

    We have lived in our new build house for over 8 years now and whilst I still love our kitchen, it is starting to look a little tired so I’ve been crooning over Pinterest, Google and home magazines to get a feel for the latest Kitchen Trends for 2019 . . . just in case […]

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  • Kitchen Appliances

    How to Properly Maintain Your Home Appliances

    Cleaning your house is an activity that should really include inspecting your home appliances. What good is it to dust the microwave oven if it doesn’t work. Most people shy away from this activity thinking that only certified electrician can do maintenance. This is only partly true, as regular visual maintenance could and should be […]

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  • BISSELL CrossWave™ All in one multi-surface cleaning system

    BISSELL CrossWave™ All in one multi-surface cleaning system

    The BISSELL CrossWave™ All in one multi-surface cleaning system is like music to my ears now that the rains have begun to fall and Bramble is traipsing muddy paws all around the kitchen. We try our best to dry his feet off well and we have an extra long doormat but inevitably something gets missed, especially […]

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  • Wowcher Purchase Review

    Our latest Wowcher purchase review

    Wowcher is an online shopping channel where you can buy anything from household goods and gifts to meals out, weekends away and travel breaks. Everybody loves a good deal these days, after all, we need our money to go as far as possible so Wowcher makes it happen. Over the years, we have purchased numerous […]

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