• Lockibly

    Time to Up Your Home Security

    If you’ve been worried about home security, now is the time to up the measures that you’re going to take. While having solid doors and locks on your door are a great way to prevent theft, it’s not an automatic given that it’s going to work, either. Taking further measures now to protect the belongings […]

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  • is tap water safe

    Is the Tap Water in Your House Safe For Your Baby?

    Drinking tap water daily may be safe for a healthy, robust adult. Nevertheless, current state standards should focus more on the tap water contaminants that are harmful to babies when exposure occurs during their critical developmental stages. Are you giving your newborn tap water? Considering tap water may contain lead, nitrates, pesticides and herbicides, hormones, […]

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  • Air Purifier

    7 reasons why you need an air purifier

    Most of us use water purifiers at home to clean contaminated water, but have you ever thought of the many contaminants which prevail in the air we breathe? Airborne pollutants can cause a variety of diseases and can have long term adverse effects on our health. Certain cities have such bad air quality, that breathing […]

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  • EICR in London

    Who needs an EICR in London?

    An electrical inspection report (EICR), is an inspection of your property’s electrical systems and installation. Qualified engineers and electricians conduct these tests, and the primary purpose of an EICR is to guarantee enough safety of the residing occupants and that they are not vulnerable and susceptible to shocks and fires. Who needs an EICR in […]

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  • Access control system

    Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Access Control System

    If you are running a business or company with valuable resources and a significant number of employees, then you should think about using advanced devices to address all safety and security-related concerns. Access control systems are one of the key measures that you can take to facilitates smooth and safe business operations. The efficacy of corporate […]

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  • Waterproofing your home

    Waterproofing Your Home to Prevent Disaster

    When it comes to waterproofing your home, you can never really be too careful. The crazy thing about water is that it finds a way to get inside any and every crack that it comes in contact with. Even if you think that you’ve done all that you can, there’s a good probability and chance […]

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  • Steel Security Gates.

    Consider Steel Security Gates For Your Home Safety

    Whenever we buy a new home, the first thing we check is home safety and how secure it is against external threats. We do that to ensure the safety of our loved ones. When the safety measures can be easily violated by a predator, your life too is at risk let alone your valuables. There […]

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