• Cyberbullying

    Breakthrough app helps prevent cyberbullying

    Gallery Guardian is the first app that helps parents safeguard their children from cyberbullying by alerting them when illicit images are being shared or received on their smartphones or tablets. Gallery Guardian today announces its official launch on the Apple and Google Play Stores: the safeguarding app that helps parents keep their children safe while […]

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  • Work at home

    Being a WAHM/Blogger is like… 

    Spinning plates!!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. If it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t have been a stay at home Mum for the last 9 years but it isn’t easy. From September all of my Beans will be at school full time so I need to set myself a realistic schedule and […]

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  • Laptop

    Convert A Spare Bedroom Into A Home Office Like A Pro

    If you find that it is time to give a purpose to your old unused bedroom, then you could consider a conversion into a home office to die for. If you are a freelancer or a work-at-home mum, you will have probably thought about it already. But it’s not easy to create an effective working […]

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  • Hobby Room

    Convert Your Spare Bedroom into Something More Exciting

    Do you ever feel like your spare bedroom has slowly turned into a temporary storage room for anything that doesn’t have a home within your house? The spare bedroom is one of those spaces that is often wasted and forgotten about, until a relative comes to stay and you give it a quick spring clean […]

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  • 4imprint Power of Product Colour

    Do you know the power of product colour?

    Every day decisions are made based on colours, choosing what clothes we are going to wear, what accessories to team them with, the colour of our hair, how to decorate the home, even buying a car. We make lots of decisions based on colour. When setting up a new business you choose colours to represent the business; I […]

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  • Lego Dream Home

    Building our Lego Dream Home

    ‘Do you want to play with Lego’ that was basically all that I read between the lines of the email asking if we wanted to take part in the Ocean Finance Lego Dream House competition. I didn’t need to know anything more than that, despite having loads of Lego in our house I never get […]

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  • TeacherBoards

    Top Tips to organise a large family

    In the days before little people called me ‘Mummy’ the word which I was most proud to type on my CV was ‘organised’ because I prided myself on how ship-shape I kept my working life. My desk was always tidy, I never missed a deadline and I got tasks done quickly and efficiently. The one […]

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