• air-con

    How to Tell Your Home’s AC Compressor Is Bad

    Your home’s HVAC is just as essential to your comfort of living as electricity and plumbing. On a hot day, would you instead come home to a brutally warm house? Most people will answer, absolutely not. No, they want a fresh, refreshing feeling that is just at the right temperature to beat the heat from […]

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  • Lockibly

    Time to Up Your Home Security

    If you’ve been worried about home security, now is the time to up the measures that you’re going to take. While having solid doors and locks on your door are a great way to prevent theft, it’s not an automatic given that it’s going to work, either. Taking further measures now to protect the belongings […]

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  • Double glazed panes

    Explore the Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Using Double Glazed Windows

    Double glazed windows refer to two layers of glass compressed or sandwiched between layers of vacuumed gas. The layers are then sealed all together in an air-tight manner. Double-glazed windowpanes are highly durable and sturdy. These panes provide twice the amount of insulation as compared to the single-glazed units. Helping You Understand the Advantages and […]

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  • Home Organising

    Ultimate House Organising Checklist

    Organising a house can be daunting. The clutter can be too intimidating to look at that and you don’t even know what to do first. A house organising checklist can help you declutter your home efficiently.  It is guaranteed that your home will look tidier and better organised after a few decluttering tricks. Maid For […]

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  • Pressure washing

    Pressure Washing, Softwashing: What’s The Difference?

    Most of us would love to come home to an immaculately clean house. While many of us focus on the interior portion of the property, arriving back to a residence that is equally good looking outside can have similar feelings of pride of ownership. One of the best ways to get the exterior of your […]

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  • Waterproofing your home

    Waterproofing Your Home to Prevent Disaster

    When it comes to waterproofing your home, you can never really be too careful. The crazy thing about water is that it finds a way to get inside any and every crack that it comes in contact with. Even if you think that you’ve done all that you can, there’s a good probability and chance […]

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