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Car booty baby!


I must be mad! My Mum offered to babysit this weekend so that me and Hubby could have a night out last night just the two of us like in the “old days!!!” Initially we jumped at the offer but then I came up with a really good/mad idea, how about we only go out for a couple of hours and come home early so that we could get up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to do a car boot sale!! Yippee, sleep is over-rated anyway right – WRONG!


So we went out for a couple of hours and had a nice evening but then we were rudely awoken at 5.00am (I was pretty sure there was only one 5 0’clock in the day but apparently there’s another one when we’re normally pushing out the Z’s! I very reluctantly dragged my sleepy head out of bed, secretly hoping that hubby would say “let’s stay here” but he didn’t, he got up too and we got ourselves sorted as quickly and quietly as we could to be at the local football ground for 6.00am. I’ve been doing car boot sales for years and am always amazed by how many people turn up to (a) sell their booty and (b) buy OPJ (Other People’s Junk!). En route to the car boot its fun to see who is out and about at that time of the morning (especially at a weekend) as you often run into the people doing the “walk of shame” (those who have “pulled” the night before and are now walking home in last night’s clothes after some post party antics!), those that fell asleep in a drunken haze and have just woken up wondering where on earth they are and then there’s the workers about to start their day! Anyway, we arrived at the football ground to queues (yes queues – not just one queue) of cars waiting to get their pitch and a huge queue of people waiting to get in and grab a bargain.


No sooner had we opened the car doors than people were sticking their heads in with torches to be the first to find our treasure. Sometimes this can be off putting, sometimes its actually quite amusing. They generally ask the same questions, “got any mobiles”, “got any cd’s/dvd’s”, “got any costume jewellery”, “got any computer gear/games”. I always say no whether I have the goods or not as these people are usually the traders who are keen to grab it cheap from you so that they can put it on their stall and make a profit. Hang on to it because if they can make a profit then you can too and the money is better off in your pocket. ALWAYS be ready for a haggler as most people like to think they have got a bargain. So decide how much you want to sell something for, add a bit and then when they knock you down you’re generally quite happy with your proceeds.


Today was a reasonable day for us, we took just less than £100!! Not bad for a couple of hours work. The hours weren’t really to suit but by dinner time we were home, eating a wholesome chicken casserole and now we have our feet up in the lounge, chocolate bar to hand and x-factor playing out on the tv. Time to chill!

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