Can a molar cause all this?

For the past two weeks my usually cheeky, happy, playful, loving little girl has been replaced by a tired, stroppy, back-chatting diva and I have to say, I DON’T LIKE IT!!! We are currently awaiting an appointment to see the Paediatrician at the City Hospital because I’m worried that she is anaemic because she eats such a poor diet. For a time we were giving her Minadex tonic to give her iron levels a boost and I’m pretty sure they seemed to make a difference to her. She certainly had more colour in her cheeks and didn’t seem to be so dark around the eyes. She didn’t seem to be so tired all the time and her behaviour was that of a ‘typical’ 2 year old most of the time.
molar But over the past two weeks, she seems to be permanently tired. She sleeps 7.30pm to 8.00am and has a two hour nap yet that doesn’t seem to be enough for her. She rolls around on the sofa or the floor, rubbing her eyes or hiding her face, she keeps getting spots on her face which she then picks and makes worse. In bed she is always very hot and sweaty and as a result, perhaps not sleeping as well as she should.ny
She has been refusing her meals at breakfast and tea. I don’t mean she messes about with it, I mean she refuses point blank to eat it. Last night she took a piece of her tea, threw it onto the floor and said “not eating it”. In the past I have argued with her that she needs to eat her food but I’ve found this just escalates into World War 3 so I now just say, “ok don’t eat it and leave the table”. She leaves the table without batting an eyelid and doesn’t even complain of being hungry. Her nappies have been messy, especially so for a little girl who is normally constipated all of the time. Things just aren’t right.
Then today, something went ‘ping’ in my head and I decided to check in her mouth to see where we were at with her teeth. We’ve been very lucky in that she has never complained once when cutting her teeth, we would just wake up one morning and another tooth would be gleaming at us. Sure enough, there in the top of her mouth she was cutting a molar at the very back. I asked her if her mouth hurt anywhere and she said yes, pointing to where the tooth was.
Could it be that a molar is causing all the problems that we are currently experiencing with her, or do i just have an unruly 2 year old diva?

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