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Bowled over!

Yesterday we headed over to the seaside, Skegness to be precise, to spend the day with some very good friends as it will be Little Bean and Master C’s 3rd Birthdays this weekend and we won’t be able to see each other.  Unfortunately, the weather was not with us though as it rained ALL day!  It was a miserable journey there, getting stuck behind every tractor, caravan and Sunday driver (on a Bank holiday Monday!) that ever hit the road.  But that’s where the rubbish part of the day ended!! Our friends had thought ahead to rainy day entertainment and decided we should give Ten Pin Bowling a go.  Even though Little Bean and Master C hadn’t done it before, it was an instant HIT!  The children loved it and even Beanie Boy enjoyed watching and jigging along to the music.  And of course, a visit to the seaside wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the amusement arcades!!

Its a shame that we don’t live closer because I love to watch Little Bean and Master C together, they always get on so well and are really excited to see each other.  I hope they will always be this close!  When I had just found out I was pregnant with Little Bean I received a phone call from Mum2C who was excited to tell me that she was pregnant too and her baby was due on 25th May 2008 – the same due date as me!  Our due dates came and went, each day we would text or call each other to see if anything was happening and then on 5th June 2008 I received a text from Dad2C to tell me that Master C was here, just a few short hours later I went into labour and less than 24 hours later on 6th June 2008 Little Bean arrived.  They know how to keep us Mummies waiting!!

Thank you to Master C & Co, we had a lovely day.  We hope Master C has a fab 3rd birthday, where did the last 3 years go? xx

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