Boots Baby Sensitive Skincare Range

When Little Bean was a baby I took her to Baby Massage classes and would put them into practice every night before bed. We always had the same routine, bathtime, massage, milk, stories and finally sleep! So when Beanie Boy came along, I naturally followed the same routine and he loves it. Although both he and Little Bean are rather reluctant at actually getting out of the bath! Bathtime is such a special time in our house and one which the children look forward to.

If there is one thing I adore about babies, it is just how perfect their skin is. There feet are the smoothest feet ever because they haven’t been tainted by walking around without their shoes on, their hands are beautiful because they haven’t been cleaning (or digging in dirt yet) and so its something I have always wanted to take care of with my children. I want their skin to stay perfect for as long as I possibly can.

I was sent Boots Baby Sensitive Moisture Lotion, Boots Baby Sensitive Oil, Boots Baby Sensitive Conditioning Shampoo and Dreamtime Calming Bath to review. The Boots Baby Sensitive range has been specifically designed with newborn skin in mind because it is so delicate and prone to drying out and becoming sensitive. Boots Baby skincare experts and a leading dermatologist created the range to produce the mildest and gentlest products for your baby’s skin, they are 100% colour and fragrance-free (except Calming bath), hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.

Boots Baby Boots Dreamtime Calming Baby Bath

400ml £2.03

If like me, you choose to bathe your baby before bedtime its a good idea to use a calming baby bath to help settle them for sleep. The bath lotion is pH balanced so it gently cleanses their delicate skin without causing dryness leaving baby’s skin soft and clean.

I always use Dreamtime Calming bath for my babies and I never have a problem getting them to sleep at night.

Boots Baby Boots Baby Sensitive Moisture Lotion

400ml £2.03

I used the Moisture Lotion for Little Bean as she has always suffered with a little eczema on her arms, legs and torso. The Moisture Lotion rubs in well and leaves her skin feeling soft and protected without being too rich and sticky. We have seen a slight improvement in her skin since using this.

Boots Baby Boots Baby Sensitive Conditioning Shampoo

400ml £2.03

We have used this for Little Bean and Beanie Boy, it is a tearless formula which is good as I don’t mess about when it comes to rinsing their hair, I just tip jugs of water over their heads and it goes all down their faces (they think its funny). The shampoo is suitable for all ages from birth upwards because it is so gentle. It has added moisturisers to protect and condition their delicate scalps.

Boots Baby Boots Baby Sensitive Oil

300ml £2.03

As I mentioned previously I give Beanie Boy a massage after bathtime and before bedtime to help settle him ready for bed. The Baby Sensitive Oil is perfect for after bathtime as it locks in the moisture from bathtime leaving Beanie Boy’s skin beautifully smooth and soft. It is also suitable for use on cradle cap.

For some top tips on helping your little one get to sleep or if you are having problems with sleep patterns then BootsWebMD might just have the answer for you.


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