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Boom25 is a cashback site with a difference, their tag line ‘If you’re not in you won’t win’ should give you some idea why. All purchases made via Boom25 offer shoppers the chance to win back the price of their purchase in full. It was all the brainchild of Giora Mandel who wanted to add a bit of excitement to online shopping. Fully aware that it’s already possible to get some of the lowest prices, best deals and fast delivery, Mandel wanted more and then BOOM the idea struck!!

Top Retailers


At Boom25 you’ll find some of the most popular high street retailers including M&S, Boots, Tesco and Miss Selfridges. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for the latest fashions, your weekly food shop, or the best insurance deals and services. Out of more than 1000+ retailers, you are bound to find one with the perfect deal for you.

Who wins and how?

Every 25th person who shops at that retailer online will win their purchase back in full which makes it a win-win situation if you were going to make your purchase online anyway. Boom deals improve when you visit regularly and can offer deals where every 8th and 15th shopper wins.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an email to say that your purchase is valid and has been tracked. If you are the 8th, 15th or 25th shopper (depending on your deal) then you will receive an email to notify you. Wins are limited to £20,000 and only paid through Paypal so you must have a valid Paypal account.

Even if you don’t win, you will receive a bonus in your account which will be added to your winnings should you win in the future.

What do we think to the site


I have only recently discovered Boom25 and was immediately impressed to see a number of retailers who I already shop with regularly online with. I found the site easy to navigate using the drop-down menus at the top if you are just browsing for deals or the search bar if you know exactly what you are looking for.

If like me, you regularly shop online anyway then there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine if you booked your holiday via and won it back, who wouldn’t want a free holiday? Already in February, one person alone has won £599 which isn’t a sum to be laughed at.

Subscription Purchases

Looking to purchase a subscription? Boom25 covers those too if you pay for a three-month subscription up front and you’re drawn as the winner you will receive the full three-month fee back. If you choose to pay for your subscription on a monthly basis then you will only receive the refund for the first month if you are selected as the winner.

Still undecided?

Check out the Boom25 tutorial video below which explains how simple it really is.

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