Beanie Boy’s First Picnic and Little Bean Feeds the Ducks & Carp . . .

Just look at my cheeky monkeys, aren’t they gorgeous! When I woke up this morning to see beautiful sunshine I knew that we needed to go and do something so I asked Little Bean what she wanted to do and she said “see the fish”. She is fascinated with the fish at Springfields and loves walking around the gardens but we’ve been going there quite regularly just lately so I wanted to do something a bit different. I’ve also been having problems getting Little Bean to eat any of her meals over the last week so a plan came into my mind. How about we take a picnic to the park, make mealtime more relaxed and just mess about with food (though not too much as you can see by the long sleeved bib!!). We had a blast, Little Bean ate almost everything which I took for her and Beanie Boy didn’t seem fazed by his change of scenery, he still scoffed the lot! Even when some passers by stopped to coo over him, he just smiled with a mouthful of mush and then turned to me for his next spoonful.
For once I was a rather bright Mummy and remembered to take some bread so that we could feed the ducks. Little Bean loved it until the big carp came along and started eating the bread before the ducks got to it. She ‘ever-so-quietly’ shouted at the fish to leave the bread alone because it was for the ducks, bless her I laughed and she told me “you’re not funny” – well I guess that told me then!

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