Beanie Boy, Me and . . . . Louis Spence!

Louise Spence

A few weeks ago whilst walking through the streets of London I spotted someone stood on the street and couldn’t resist tapping him on the shoulder to say hi. That someone was the lovely Louis Spence who was as lovely in person as he appears on the TV. Just a few nights before I had been watching Louis dancing on Sarah Millican’s show and I laughed so much I nearly wet myself (well I have had two babies!!). Seeing him in the street, I actually became quite starstruck which is totally unlike me, it never phases me to approach people but on this day I think I must have sounded like a geeky teenager “oh Louis you make me laugh, you’re so funny” was one of the embarrassing phrases I came out with. I did manage to calm myself down enough to ask if he was doing anything interesting to which he replied “no, just off to work” and then I told him what I had been doing for the day – as if he was really interested!!!! His friend kindly offered to take a photograph of us but managed to capture me with my eyes shut (hence the photo editing addition of the Dame Edna glasses). That’s something I love about London, you just never know who’s around the next corner . . .

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