Back to school with Kiddy Guardian Pro 2!!!

Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief as the summer holidays have finished and Little Bean is at pre-school three full days a week. It’s not that I want to get rid of her but she is so ready to go back to school and I think Beanie Boy is more than a little excited at the prospect of having Mummy to himself for some quality time. He was so excited when we took Little Bean for her first day at pre-school that he put his party hat on to celebrate! But in all his excitement he wore himself out and was fast asleep again by the time we got home so we had to save the partying until he woke up – it’s tough being a nearly 1 year old don’t you know!

Beanie Boy has been using his Guardian Pro 2 car seat for 3 months now and he has settled so well with it, he takes no time at all to fall asleep in it and will sleep comfortably for up to 90 minutes if we are travelling on a long journey. As soon I sit him down in his Guardian Pro 2 he will hold his hands up so that I can put the impact shield in place and then he holds on to the top of it. I found some of his linky toys and have attached them to the front of the impact shield so he has something to play with when he’s awake.


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