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Let’s face it, when it comes to personal possessions children aren’t always the best at keeping them in one place. Around the home that isn’t so much of a worry, but when they start school, putting 30 children in a classroom with identical clothing, bags, lunch boxes etc you are just asking for things to go missing if you don’t label them with your children’s name.

In my school days that meant that my Mum had to spend hours sewing name labels into my school uniform. Nowadays things have come much further and life is much easier for us parents with thanks to companies like Name It Labels who provide Iron-on Name Labels which are super easy to Iron-on to the uniform and self-adhesive labels which can be stuck onto lunch boxes, shoes and just about anything else you don’t want to be replacing every term.


At Name It Labels you have a wide choice of designs and colours so that you can really personalise them to your child’s taste and to really make them stand out.

The ordering process was very simple, in fact the hardest part was actually deciding which designs to go for and they arrived in just a few days. I had a little ironing session last week labelling up Little Bean’s school uniform ready for her first year at ‘big school’ in September and have washed it all ready for a fresh start. Obviously it’s early days yet but for a uniform which will get a lot of washing (children also aren’t renowned for keeping clean are they?) so you need to make sure that the labels last, which is exactly what Name It Labels are designed for.

If you prefer the idea of Sewn In Labels then don’t worry, Name It Labels cater for those too with a choice of colours and fonts.


The self-adhesive label range is great for everyday items and are 100% waterproof and dishwasher and microwave safe. Durable and easy to apply they are made from high quality vinyl right here in the UK.

In fact there is so much to choose from at Name It Labels you’d be hard pushed to find something they don’t stock, when it comes to labels they really have got it covered!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a pack of Iron-On Name labels for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own and completely non-biased. You may not copy my work without my permission.

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  1. Labels are very useful items for school going every student. Labels are like blessing for all parents who spend lots of money in regular routine on various items that their kids misplace.

    Regards William

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