Baby brain is embarrassing!

DSC07038Yesterday my Mum and I took the tiddlers for a picnic at Burghley House and a very lovely time we were having until it began to rain.  We packed up quickly and put our bags away in the car before heading off for a walk into Stamford.  As we were walking past the main gates to the house I spotted two families walking towards us and immediately recognised one of the men in the family as being a guy I used to be good friends with from my days in Skegness.  “Hey Scott” I shouted and the guy looked a little gone out at me but decided to humour me and came over to speak, given the look on his face I decided to help him out a bit and said “it’s Sabina from M&S, did they let you out of Skegness for the day?”.  He smiled and then asked how Hubby was, which I thought was a little strange as he had never met my Husband.  We carried on talking and then I realised that he wasn’t Scott at all, but a lad who used to play Hockey with Hubby but for the life of me I couldn’t remember his real name.  I was also too embarrassed to admit my faux pas and so carried on with conversation and then quickly made my departure.  In my defence, he looks EXACTLY like the guy I thought he was but since I didn’t really know him that well in the first place I’m guessing he thought I was a complete muppet for calling him over (by the wrong name!) so excitedly!!

I immediately called Hubby and told him what I had done which made his day, he loves it when I make myself look completely daft and I felt embarrassed for the rest of the day.  This baby brain is worse than I remember!!

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