• “Run for your life” 1

    “Run for your life”

    Don’t you just love how children often get their words muddled up? I do, I think it’s really cute and the majority of the time I know exactly what they are trying to say but the words come out in the wrong order or they choose the wrong words for what they are trying to […]

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  • baby

    Jelly Bean’s First Official Photoshoot

    Any child of mine needs to get used to having a camera in their face 24/7 because I LOVE photographs, I love looking back to see all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) stages that they have gone through. Even now with Little Bean at the age of nearly 5 years old, it’s hard to […]

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  • Lessons from big ‘Bro’ 4

    Lessons from big ‘Bro’

    Curly and Little Bean have a rollercoaster relationship, they either get on really well or they fight like cat and dog. They both love each other but their age difference of 6 years sometimes causes problems because Little Bean wants to do everything that ‘Bro’ is doing, she wants to follow him everywhere and play […]

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  • Are you a fan of The Voice? 6

    Are you a fan of The Voice?

    Most people I know watch The X Factor every year, I generally like the audition stages and then lose interest until the last few weeks but The Voice seems to have a marmite quality to it, people either love it or loathe it. Last year I loved the battle rounds because I thought they were […]

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