• Week 21

    My mouth keeps hurting! I don’t know why and its not every day but Mummy says she thinks maybe my teeth are coming. I wonder who they are? It feels better if I can find things to chew but my clothes get really wet because all this yucky stuff runs down my face. Mummy says […]

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  • Project 365 - Bit of a catch up! 1

    Project 365 – Bit of a catch up!

    Ooops I have fallen behind with my Project 365 again so it’s time to play catch up.  I love doing these photography projects but sometimes it’s hard to do them every day.  How do you find them? Project 365 – 47/365 I can’t decide whether weaning is going well or not? We’ve gone backwards in […]

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  • Please bear with me . . .

    As I am now without my laptop for the foreseeable future, I shall be unable to update my blog until I have managed to get myself a new one sorted out. Please don’t leave me, I hopefully won’t be gone for long but until we meet again – take care xx

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  • A run of bad luck?

    Ok so I need to get this into perspective, people have bad luck and people have BAD luck, we’re just having not great luck at the moment. Last week I was told that the work I was doing from home is no longer available and so my job was to come to an end, which […]

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  • Romance isn't dead yet

    Romance isn’t dead yet!

    Romance isn’t dead yet and I know because I’ve got one of the good ones. One of those guys who listens and stores the information then surprises you later on.

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  • 47/365–Not such a baby now . . .

    I can’t believe my baby is in a high chair already! Today really brought it home to me just how much and how quickly Beanie Boy has grown.  I was able to visit a friend today who gave birth to her little boy on Sunday and he was the same birth weight as Beanie Boy.  […]

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