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Arghhhhhh!! Post Xmas Crash!!!

I’m sure we’re all guilty of it, before christmas we have our babies into a lovely routine and everyone is happy most of the time. Then christmas strikes and we relax, we have a glass or two of wine, beer, baileys – whatever your tipple – and before you know it its 10pm and our little bundles of joy are still playing on the floor. Occasionally Baby Bean might have made it to bed around 8.30pm but never her actual bedtime of 7.30pm and daytime naps? Where did they go?!?!?! Before Christmas Baby Bean was still happily having two naps a day between one and two hours at a time (lucky me!) but over Christmas we were having days out, meals out, shopping, entertaining and somehow the naps just slipped into obviliion and what is the outcome of all that? A VERY TIRED, CRANKY BABY!!!

As for me? I’m SUPPOSED to be taking down the Christmas decorations, catching up on the washing and ironing, cleaning the house and oh yeah! WORKING!!!! I’m a work at home mummy and so far I’ve done hardly any work this year – my emails are piling up, I have a stack of phone calls to make but I don’t think I will sound very professional with a screamining baby in the background.

So my New Year’s Resolution? Keep the routine next Christmas! Although I’ll probably have forgotten all about it by then. Wait a minute, what’s that I hear? Snorring? No its not me – though I do feel a little sleeping after battling with Baby Bean all day to eat and/or sleep but finally – YES! SHE’S ASLEEP!!! Right must get off here and get my work done. 

One final note, I was hoping that by 2010 I would have moved my Website to a new host but as you can plainly see I’m still here  . . . . . for now!

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