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Anybody miss me?

Well its been a month now since my last post and boy have I missed ranting and generally talking a load of rubbish to anyone that will listen.  I STILL do not have full broadband up and running thanks to the useless TalkTalk that I am with but I’m so fed up with not doing anything on my blog that I’m attempting to do a little bit using the even more useless web dongle that Hubby has loaned me.

This has definitely been a learning curve for me as we move again in a couple of months to our newly built house and so I fully intend on making the appropriate calls the second I know when we will be taking possession of the house because I cannot go another month without proper internet access.

It’s funny the things that you miss when you move house, I miss my garden – although I always knew I would.  We had a huge south facing garden which I loved.  Now our garden is north facing, it gets a little bit of sunshine but not much.  I miss the internet (of course) because I hadn’t realised just how much I use it.  In some ways it has been good because it has made me find other ways to occupy my time and so I haven’t spent every evening glued to my laptop as I have done in the past.  I have started doing different crafts again (totally separate post when I get around to it).  Hubby and I have probably talked more since the internet has been down so it has made us both reassess what is important.  BUT I do work from home so that has been a real pain in the proverbial.  I’ve managed to get by with the internet on my phone for odd bits and pieces or a snatched 10-15 minutes at friends/parents’ houses.

I miss the local supermarket – there are NO shops here at all.  I can’t even get a pint of milk, for everything I need I have to go back into my old town which can be a bit annoying when you have pregnancy brain and can’t remember which day of the week it is never mind all the shopping that I need!!

And the strangest thing I’ve missed?  My wheelie bins!!!  For the time being we have had to move to a different town which is only 5 miles away from our previous home but out here (I like to call it Coventry – because there is no-one to talk to here) they do not have wheelie bins yet.  Just green and black bin bags.  Now the back of my house seems to be inundated with bin bags and it drives me mad.

But on the plus side, we are in a really nice house, which feels like home (albeit in the wrong town).  The estate is clean, quiet and very pretty.  There are many places to go for a walk which is a shame but hey, its only for a couple of months and we’re already one month in.  Before you know I shall be moaning to you all again about how I’m packing ready for the next (and final move of the year).  Watch this space . . . .

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  1. Emma
    June 17, 2010 / 11:42 am

    Hiya not long now and you will be in your brand new home!!
    It is strange being in a different town for me as well, can’t understand most of what they are telling me half the time and they drive like nutters!! Apart from that its just fab living by the sea, and today we’ve been dipping our toes in the sea, Sophie loves it..!! Good luck with the big move, hope everyone is well and baby isn’t kicking too hard…! x

    • mummymatters
      June 17, 2010 / 2:54 pm

      Hi, lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you have settled in, albeit for the slight language barrier – I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually! How nice to be close to the sea, I used to love living by the sea and taking daily walks on the beach. We had a very rainy party for Lillie’s birthday, seemed strange to see all the girlies together again without you and Sophie xx

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