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Another baby?

I can guarantee that there will be one person reading this post right now getting excited. That person will be my Mother-in-Law because she would love it if we told her that we were going to have another baby.

When we found out we were pregnant with Beanie Boy we knew straight away that he would be our last planned baby. Hubby and I discussed how he would visit the Doctor at some point following BB’s birth. Hubby is adamant that he doesn’t want me to have to go on the pill again for a lengthy period of time so he has said he will have the snip.

But since Beanie Boy has come into our lives, I have found myself asking the same question time and time again – “does he have to be our last baby?”. Ok so the first few weeks were hard, but then again, the first few weeks are hard with any newborn. I’ve heard people say before that going from one baby to two babies is hard, but going from two to three, or three to four is easier.

I love babies, I’ve always loved babies and I’ve always said that I wanted at least three but that’s when I was young, when I didn’t understand the cost of living. I remember when I met Hubby and his son Curly, I thought to myself I only need two more children and I’ll have my magic “three”. And now I’m there, I’ve got my three beautiful children and I’m happy with my family, but its hard to say I’ll never have another baby. I’m pleased to think that I won’t have to ever go through labour again though.

So what decision have I come to? My heart tells me I could have more babies, lots more babies. But my head says, no more, we’re done! Thinking about the practicalities, another baby means a bigger car, another baby means really expensive family holidays or worse still, no family holidays abroad. At the moment we fit our new house nicely, everyone has their own room but having another baby would mean that Curly, Little Bean or Beanie Boy would have to share their room. Then there’s the middle child syndrome. OK so at the moment, we have three children which would normally make Little Bean the middle one, but it doesn’t really work like that because Curly is only here part-time and there is such an age gap between him and the two babies that I don’t think “middle child” really comes into it. If we have another baby, then Beanie Boy would become the middle child and most people who I know that are the middle child have told me, its not great, you always feel left out because you’re not the first born and you’re not the baby, you’re the one in the middle. As it stands, each of our three are special, Curly is special because he’s Hubby’s first born, Little Bean is special because she’s my first born and our only girl and Beanie Boy is special because he’s our baby and always will be.

Decision made: sorry Mother-in-Law, our family is complete – no more Grandchildren here!

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