Allergy Week: Get a good night’s sleep with Sealy

Sleep is a pretty important thing really, without sleep we lose the ability to function properly, our energy levels drop and we become more susceptible to illness. The same can be said for our children too, you wouldn’t let your children wear ill-fitting shoes would you? So why would you allow your child (or yourself) to sleep on a mattress/pillow which is thin, cheap and unsupportive?

Did you know that a 2 year old can grow 6cm per year until adolescence? I have become more aware of it as the pile of clothes which Little Bean and Beanie Boy are growing out of is increasing at a phenomenal rate. When a child is comfortable and has reached the deep sleep phase their body releases the growth hormone into the bloodstream.

Sealy To ensure that we all keep growing at a healthy rate, Sealy have developed some of the most technologically advanced beds in the world. Did you know Sealy have the largest research facility of any bed company and so they have the ability to really know what we need and how to provide it. Each bed is zoned along it’s length to provide greater “push back”  support to different areas of the body according to where the weight is concentrated. Sealy beds and pillows also contain the newest technology to prevent allergies and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Allergy UK recently conducted a survey which revealed that more that 12 million people in the UK are allergic to their homes, that’s 1 in 4 of us whose house is attacking us! I hate to think of it but our pillows and bedding is full of house dust mites which cause runny noses, sneezing, wheezing, coughing and headaches which in turn mean a poor night’s sleep for us and for children can mean stunted growth too. House dust mites can be especially upsetting for children and adults who suffer from asthma.

Only Sealy beds have the latest technology called Smart Fibres which contain probiotic friendly bacteria (sounds like a yoghurt doesn’t it!) which keeps the house dust mites away and reduces allergens which means you have a cleaner, friendlier bed and pillow to provide a good night’s sleep.

Sealy I was sent a Sealy Posturepedic Pillow with Springs to review and it has made the world of difference to me and my sleep. I have bought pillows like they are going out of fashion in the past because I suffer badly with migraines due to neck pain from a car accident year’s ago.

Looking like an ordinary pillow, there are, unbelievably, 40 specially designed miniature pocket springs encased in a foam wrap deep inside the “sprillow”. As your head moves on it, the springs compress and expand and thereby circulate fresh air inside and around the pillow and your head. This enhances the sleep environment to keep you cool and comfortable all night so you wake completely refreshed in the morning. Each spring is enclosed in its own individual pocket which in turn is then wrapped in luxurious soft polyester to ensure the best possible levels of comfort and independent support for the head and neck. Finally, to further advance the sleep experience, this pillow is covered in a luxury 100% cool, cotton twill. It truly is a complete innovation in sleep technology.

When the pillow arrived I thought it looked too big but since I normally sleep on two pillows I realised that actually it amounted to the same thickness. I have been using the Sprillow for a little over a month now and I love it. It feels so supportive and doesn’t ‘set like a rock’ which some of my old pillows did. When I lift my head in the morning the pillow returns to its full form and waits patiently for me to return again in the evening. My head and neck feel like they have been given a new lease of life, now I just need to find a new mattress so that my body can reap the benefits too!!

The Sealy Posturepedic Pillow with Springs is available to buy from Tesco for £14.

For further information you can find Sealy on Facebook or visit their website here.

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