All the fun at the fair . . . 1

All the fun at the fair . . .

Fun fair

This week everywhere we look the fairs are in town. This is a memory which sticks with me from my childhood, every October the fair would arrive in town and I would always see it because I lived on one of the main roads that the fair would drive down as it arrived in our town. I love having those memories and I want my children to treasure memories like that from their childhood so every year that the fair arrives we make sure that we take them along to enjoy all the fun at the fair.

Fun fair

This year unfortunately Curly could not be with us because of this horrible whooping cough and the fear that he could pass it on to his new baby sisters so Mum and I went along with Little Bean and Beanie Boy for an evening of fun and laughter.

Fun fair

Beanie Boy was a little apprehensive to begin with, I think the noise and the lights were a little too much for him to take in but he soon got the hang of it.

Fun fair

Do you notice anything odd about these two pictures above? They were taken on the same ride, once whilst it was in motion, the other when it had stopped. Yes you’ve guessed it, the two little monkeys swapped seats mid-flight and gave Mummy and Nanna a heart attack in the process!!!!!

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