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All snug with Snuguns

The mornings are crisp and cold now, jack frost is snapping at your fingers – Autumn has most definitely arrived.  It’s important to make sure that our little ones are wrapped up warm when out and about.  Sometimes parents find this a struggle as their children refuse to wear hats, gloves and scarves.  For me this is not a problem, Little Bean LOVES her accessories, she can often be found wearing them around the house (and its not because our house is cold).


We have been sent some fab gloves for Little Bean to try out called Snuguns and they are a huge hit with her, she never leaves the house without them these days.  What I love about them is that they have extra long cuffs which pull up to her elbows so they keep the breeze from going up her sleeves and stop them from falling off every five minutes, there are no thumbs on them which for Little Bean is great – the mittens which she does have with thumbs just don’t work.  She doesn’t like putting her thumb in them so just ends up with a flappy little pocket on her hand.

Of course, one of the problems with gloves and mittens is that they can restrict children from being able to carry on with their activities because they can’t get a grip on things, but with the Snuguns this isn’t a problem as they are covered on both sides with non-slip spots which not only look funky but they help them to keep a grip on things too.

Snuguns are available for children aged 6-36 months and come in 12 colours.  They are made from fine Italian merino wool rich yarn which will keep their hands snug and warm whilst out and about.

RRP £9.99


For more information, reviews, colours and stockists please visit their site:

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