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A little rant . . .

Tonight my Mum kindly offered to babysit the children so that me and Hubby could have, what will possibly be, our last night out together for a little while. Since my dancing looks more like a teletubbie on speed than a fit 30 something at the moment, we opted for an evening at the cinema. We decided to go and see The Expendables, for Hubby he got the action, for me I got to ogle the men!!

I’ll get to the film in a minute, the bit I wanted to rant about was people in queues! I’m normally quite a patient person, I don’t mind standing in a queue providing its moving every now and then. But tonight, we managed to get stuck behind this woman who when she got to the front of the queue to buy her ticket, proceeded to ask the guy what film he would recommend her taking her kids to. WHY didn’t she do her homework before she got to the cinema? She held the queue up for a good 10-15 minutes, going through every film on the board (approximately 12), who was in the film, what it was about – blah blah blah. And then when she STILL couldn’t decide, she picked up one of the film brochures and decided to have a look at the pictures. Finally after 15 minutes, the guy on the ticket desk asked if she wouldn’t mind standing to one side so that he could serve the mile long queue which had formed behind her.

I have the same impatience for people who faff about at the ticket machines in car parks. They stand in a queue waiting to pay, then decide to look for their money once they reach the machine.

Seriously people, sort yourselves out and consider others! I’m thinking that perhaps my current state of pregnancy is making me a little bit impatient – do you?

As for the film, very entertaining, very loud and violent, great graphics and a fantastic cast. Jason Statham was very much the eye-candy as the others were now a little over the hill and had visited the cosmetic surgeon a few too many times. They looked ok when standing still or kicking ass but when running, they would probably struggle to catch the bus! The storyline was quite predictable but these days I think most films are, doesn’t mean they’re no good. There were cameo roles for Bruce Willis and Arnie, some good humour and a great camaraderie between Sly and Statham. I would definitely recommend it!

But now, this bump and its Mummy need to sleep, so night night for now x

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