A LEGO iPad Mini case giveaway! Ends 01/08/15

We have just got back from our first-ever family holiday abroad this summer, and we searched high and low for ways to keep the kids busy. If keeping them occupied in the car isn’t hard enough, we were extra nervous about how they would react to a long wait in the airport.

Now there’s nothing I love more than giving something back to my readers, and to help those of you in the same dilemma as me, today I am offering you the chance to win a LEGO Builder iPad Mini case*! Because let’s face it, as happy as I am to let the kids use the iPad, sometimes it’s nice to encourage a little time away from the screen, and this product lets you have your cake and eat it.

The case itself will fit the iPad Mini (1 & 2) and the iPad Mini 3, and the back features a work board that is perfect for building LEGO structures on a stable surface when you’re out and about.

Plus, when you consider that around 5-10% of LEGO’s sales are for adults, you can’t deny that you’re not tempted to get one for some sneaky play therapy!

LEGO Builder ipad mini case giveaway graphic

The iPad case is courtesy of Cash Generator, a high-street retailer who sells second hand iPads at affordable prices.

So how do you get your hands on this iPad case? It couldn’t be simpler: just leave a comment below telling me where you would use the LEGO Builder iPad case this summer and the best reply wins!

The winner will be selected from all entries received within 3 days of the giveaway closing – good luck!

 LEGO iPad Mini Case Giveaway

*UK entrants only.

118 thoughts on “A LEGO iPad Mini case giveaway! Ends 01/08/15”

  1. bingo. Before we go on a big journey, I create ‘bingo’ cards of lots of things we might pass (‘yellow car’, ‘police car’, ‘three birds walking’) and Child and I try to spot them.

  2. I would use it on long journeys and carry a little bag of lego to also take with me, so that I can build and create when I become bored

  3. For car journeys, we play the car hunting game… minis, yellow cars, convertibles etc, for flights and trains, iPads a winner!

  4. What a great idea! Always trying to get the boys away from technology for five minutes but difficult when out and about and they get bored. A few bits of Lego in my bag, cover the screen and play together- love it!

  5. we play a game where we count all the eddie stobart lorries, we work up to our ages and depending on how fair we are going we do out families house number, see if we can get that high, my mums is 98 and ours is 219 for example, kids love it 🙂

  6. The DVD player is handy, but we also have a great spotting game called ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ which I prefer because I can play along – I can’t watch the DVDs.

  7. He loves his iPad so he has that, but also he loves listening to music and talking about things we can see out of the window on our journey

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