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78/365 – Our day in Skegness . . .

Yes, yes I know I’ve missed 76 and 77 but I’ll come back to them tomorrow. I just really wanted to post these pictures of our day in Skegness today. We were visiting our very good friends and had a lovely day (despite my day starting again at 4am thanks to an over-eager Beanie Boy!).


My heart melted this morning as I watched Lil’ C fetch his comic and lay it down next to Beanie Boy so that they could look at it together. He loves Beanie Boy and is so good with him its just lovely to watch.


This was the first time that my friend E had met Beanie Boy but he was very taken with her from the moment we arrived. Even when she laid him down on the floor to play he still kept turning to look at her.


Even the ducks enjoy a dip in the pool when they visit the seaside for their holidays!


Little Bean and Lil’ C looked on with envy as the ducks had the swimming pool to themselves . . .


My favourite picture of the day, there was only 23 hours between Lil’ C being born and Little Bean – they always get excited about seeing each other and on the whole they play nicely together. They don’t bat an eyelid about holding hands, giving each other a hug or a kiss and I love it, I hope they will be friends for many years to come – love you babies xx

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