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59/365 – In search of sleep


Beanie Boy is now 5 months and 1 week old and sleep still seems to be an elusive dream! I know that you shouldn’t compare your children but with Little Bean sleeping through since 8 weeks, its really hard not to.

The confusing thing with my little man is that at 10 weeks he slept through for 2 weeks from 7.30pm to 8/9am, fantastic!  But that was not to be as he then started waking again, not just once per night but 3 times!!!!  That was such hard work, my body clock had just got itself back on track, I think it was even harder than when he first came home from hospital.

We have now managed to get back to only 1 or 2 wakes per night but new problems are arising every week.  In the last week he has been staying awake for up to 2 hours after his feeds in the night, he is happy whilst he is in my arms but if I try to lay him back in his cot, he cries initially, then he gets mad and screams the house down.  With Little Bean and Curly asleep in the rooms either side I dare not leave him to cry it out for fear of waking them up.

Sometimes during the day he will sleep for 2 hours but mostly his naps are between 30 minutes and 1 hour, but the one common factor is that he can’t soothe himself to sleep.  He either falls asleep on the breast or he falls asleep in the pushchair or car when we’re on the move.  Evenings are becoming harder and harder to get him to sleep, I try to lay him down whilst he is still mildly awake but within minutes he will be screaming the house down again.  We have tried to give him a dummy but he isn’t interested (much like the bottle!) and he doesn’t try to suck his thumb (which I’m pleased about).  I’ve tried to give him a blankie which I have slept with so he has my scent near him but he just ends up playing with it before screaming.

I have been trying to not pick him up when going back into his room, instead just sitting on a stool at the side of his cot and rubbing his back, this has worked twice in one week of daytime and evening sleeps.  Hubby says he can’t do it, he has to pick him up so we just aren’t progressing any further. 

Starting from this week I am going to take part in an experiment for Pampers Land of Golden Sleep by following their Soothology Routine and using Pampers Baby Dry Nappies for one month (nappies supplied by Pampers).  Over the next month I shall report to you each week on our progress – hopefully by the end of the month I shall be bright eyed and bushy tailed from all the fabulous extra sleep!!!! WATCH THIS SPACE!

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