57 & 58/365 – Family


Despite the bad start to the weekend, the rest of it has been lovely time spent with family.  I caught up with one of my Aunties who I haven’t seen since Christmas on Saturday morning and then in the afternoon we spent the afternoon at my Brother-in-Law’s house for his 30th Birthday.  It was a really nice relaxed afternoon, our 3 older children all played really well together and the two babies were perfect little angels who revelled in the attention from their very special Auntie.  Little Bean was quite taken with her new baby cousin who is now 6 weeks old and a beautiful little princess, Little Bean loves babies and just wanted to kiss her.












And today, my newlywed cousin and her husband came for lunch and we had a lovely day, before our babies came along we used to get together regularly with my cousin but time and family have just taken over and time has flown so quickly.  This weekend has reminded us just how well we all get on and that we need to make more effort to spend time with all our family, I have always been a family girl, its what drives me – nothing is more important!


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