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5 Top Back-to-School Tips

Going back to school is both exciting and a bit scary for children, particularly if it’s their first day at a new school. With new teachers to figure out and new children to meet, it can take a few weeks to settle into a real routine. There are a few ways you can make it easier for them, which makes life easier for you! The following are 5 tips to help get your kids ready for a fresh year of school.

1. Start building the excitement early.

A few weeks before school begins, you can start talking to your child about all the things that he or she will get to do there. You can ease any anxiety that your child might have about the new situation by sharing what to expect, and can help build anticipation by talking about how all their friends will be there. Get them involved in putting together the contents of their new pencil case or picking their name labels for clothes. If they’re entering a new school, point out all the new things they will get to do there, like have their own locker or the new craft projects they’ll get to take part in.

2. Create a designated homework area.

Although going back to school gives kids a chance to see their old friends and make new ones, it’s also about learning new things. You can start creating positive study habits ahead of time by creating a personalized homework area in your child’s room or in your home study. Be sure that it’s in a quiet part of the home where the little one won’t be distracted by television. You can stock this area with pencils, erasers, a calculator, and any other supplies your child may need, and decorate it with their favourite colourful posters.

3. Go shopping for school supplies.

Some schools will publish lists of the specific supplies that children need in each year, which can be handy for early shopping. Buying all new supplies can help build excitement, and will also ensure that your child has everything she needs on the big day. You can make a fun project out of labelling these supplies with school name tags together.

4. Prepare for school lunches.

Your child may choose to eat the cafeteria food, or you could purchase special containers to pack lunches. Packing your child’s lunch can not only save you money, but can ensure that he’s eating healthy. A personalized water bottle and brightly decorated lunch box filled with treats can make lunch something to look forward to each day. Stock up on healthy snacks your child can grab after school, like apple slices and nuts.

5. Make the first day one to remember.

You can start the day off with a good home-cooked breakfast, and leave an encouraging note in your child’s backpack for them to find when they’re at school. To celebrate getting through the first day, you could reward them with a family trip to the ice cream shop to talk about the day’s events after school. The idea is to ease the stress and make sure the first day runs smoothly, as a family!

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