5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Blackpool

Blackpool is a town located in Lancashire, England. The town is situated on the coast and is a popular tourist destination. Blackpool is home to many attractions, including the Blackpool Tower, the Pleasure Beach, and the Winter Gardens. Despite being a popular tourist destination, there are some mistakes that people make when visiting Blackpool. This article will highlight some of those mistakes.

1. Expecting too much of the Blackpool Illuminations

Visiting Blackpool

And expecting them to be on in the summer!

The Blackpool Illuminations were initially switched on in 1879 and have been one of the city’s biggest draws since then. It includes over a million light bulbs covering over 6.2 miles of the Promenade. But the reputation of Blackpool Illuminations is a little grander than the reality. You will be disappointed if you expect laser light shows or extravagant designs. 

On the other hand, you will be further disappointed if you expect to see the Blackpool Illuminations during the summer holidays. The lights there will be switched on at the end of August or the beginning of September. The lights will then remain on until early November. After that, they will be swapped for Christmas lights in the city. 

2. Not booking your tickets in advance

You get better prices and less queuing!

There are many things to see and do in Blackpool. There are also millions of tourists visiting the city to witness these attractions. Suppose you plan to visit Blackpool at the peak of the year, including the school holidays. In that case, the tickets for popular attractions in Blackpool, including the Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, and Madame Tussauds, will be sold out. Even if any remaining tickets remain, you will have to spend considerable time in queues to get them.

The best way to avoid such a scenario is to book your tickets in advance. Once you decide to holiday in Blackpool and book your hotel, start planning which attractions you want to visit. Buying your tickets in advance is much cheaper than buying them at the door. You can buy the tickets in advance by heading to the box office or checking for online deals.

3. Missing out on the rest of the coastline


And the inland attractions!

Blackpool has become famous for its exotic beaches and seaside attractions. You should plan to visit these places during your holiday there. One of the most common mistakes people make when visiting Blackpool is they spend the entire holiday in the city.

Outside the city, there are many things to do, including spending some time on the exotic beaches of Blackpool. These places are just as beautiful as the city but significantly less busy. St Anne’s Beach is located just a few miles to the south of the city. On the other hand, if you drive a little inland, you can find natural beauty, solitude, and peace. The Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve is located to the north of the city. 

4. Getting carried away in the casinos and arcades

Set a budget and stick to it!

This is somewhat of a piece of life advice than a travel tip specific to the city of Blackpool. Gambling is quite risky, as you’ll already know. There is a chance of losing big as well as winning big. You shouldn’t keep pouring money into the machines or onto the tables hoping your luck will eventually turn. 

We don’t advise you to avoid casinos in Blackpool altogether. Since casinos and arcades are a big part of the nightlife in Blackpool, you should enjoy them without taking too much of a risk. The best way to enjoy casinos and arcades in Blackpool is to decide how much of your holiday budget you are prepared to risk. Don’t exceed that amount by even a single penny. Your risk is minimized, and you can afford the rent or mortgage next month.

5. Not bringing a jacket for a UK summer


This is Lancashire, after all!

Even though Blackpool breaks are great during the summer months, it’s located on the Lancashire Coast. This shore is the wettest in England. It gets a soaking from rain blown in off the Irish sea – almost regularly.

While most days will be sunny and clear, bringing a lightweight raincoat will do much good for you. There are occasional days in summer when rain can set in. Another great way to avoid the rain is to plan for indoor entertainment – such as visiting museums or arcades.

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Blackpool 1

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