24 hours to Cybermummy!

After months and months of anticipation I can’t believe that this time tomorrow (all being well) I will be at my first ever Cybermummy event along with my Hyundai driving buddies and thousands of other Mummy and Daddy bloggers. I really wanted to go last year but I was in between house moves and heavily pregnant so the timing just wasn’t right but this year I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of my blogging buddies and hopefully making some new ones too. I’m always slightly nervous about attending blogging events and this is THE blogging event of the year so I’m a little more nervous than usual. My blog is just a tiny fish in a great big pond so I’ll be happy if just one person recognises me but I just want to get there and take on board as much information as I can. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me and I love writing, I’m even happier to know that people like to read what I write so I just want to keep improving as much as I can. I’m loving all the technology that is out there to make our blogs a visual treat and I’m looking forward to testing out some of the gadgets which Three has kindly loaned me for the event.
I shall be eagerly awaiting a mini-pedicure courtesy of Crocs, being photographed for the Blogger Calendar in the New Mums/Mums to Be Group, hearing what guest speaker Sarah Brown has to say, attending workshops and chilling out in the Recharge Room sponsored by Three. Its going to be a really full-on day but I know its going to be worth it and for me, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for my fabulous Sponsors BSensible who have also provided me with some gorgeous bedding to ensure that I sleep well in the run up to the big event.
This post is all good and easy to understand if like me, you’re a blogger. But I know that some people who read my blog don’t have blogs of their own so just for you lovely loyal readers, here’s an explanation of Cybermummy . . .
Cybermummy is the UK’s premier blogging conference aimed at the parent bloggers with the aim of giving us a helping hand in the big wide world of blogging. There are workshops to help us learn how to make the most of our blogs, how to improve our social networking skills, how to get creative with our writing, take better photographs and more besides. The world of blogging is so diverse and there is always so much to learn, we pick up odd bits and pieces of information through social networking sites but this is somewhere that will be stocked full of expert advice and to meet like-minded people.
It’s going to be a looooooong day but do you know something, I’m sure its going to be more than worth it and I for one can’t wait!

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