23/365–Here’s an example . . . .

. . . . of how good I am at wasting money!

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When we found out that we were pregnant with Beanie Boy, I started planning ahead.  I didn’t want Little Bean to feel pushed out at all, I didn’t want to give her any ammunition to feel jealousy towards her new baby sibling.

I’ve always had a glider chair in her bedroom for feeding and knew that I wouldn’t be able to do without it when the new baby arrived so I would have to take it out of Little Bean’s room.  The trouble was, she loved the chair and we used it every day when reading stories so I decided that I would like to buy a traditional wooden rocking chair and paint it white to match the rest of her bedroom furniture.  The idea being that she could keep it and it would always be “her chair” perhaps even keeping it for when she becomes a mother herself (I know we’re a very long way from that yet).  So on a whim I went out and bought this chair for £65, it was to be a project whilst I was pregnant but it ended up just sitting in the garage with blankets on it and has never made it any further.

When reading stories with Little Bean now we tend to cuddle up on cushions on the floor in her bedroom and she seems happy with that.  So now I’m going to list the rocking chair on ebay and hope that I can sell it and recoup the money that I wasted yet again!

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