2014: What’s Hot for Family Holidays 1

2014: What’s Hot for Family Holidays

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays reveal key trends in What’s Hot 2014 report

Surge in sun seekers as 85 per cent of families will not miss out on their annual holiday

A fifth of parents say their holiday is more important than Christmas & birthdays!

Trip taggers on as a fifth of teens take a break with the folks instead of going it alone

Eastern Med destinations of Turkey, Greece and Croatia increased popularity for 2014


Package holiday expert, Jet2holidays, and leading leisure airline, Jet2.com, have revealed ‘What’s Hot’ for family holidays in 2014.

Combining research findings from over 2,000 holidaymakers with customer data, the report gives insight on how our family holidaying habits have changed and evolved, how much holidays mean to us, what we plan to do whilst we are away and where the must-visit destinations will be next year.

• When it comes to the 2014 hotspots, whilst the tried and trusted Spanish sunshine isles stay ever popular with families, Turkey, Greece and Croatia are giving holidaymakers something different to look forward to next year as bookings to the Eastern Mediterranean continue to soar. Sightseeing city breaks are also striking a cord with a whooping 74 per cent opting to visit a European city or two next year. Barcelona and Venice are currently topping the city charts when it comes to booking figures – already up 80 per cent on last year.

Please don’t take my sunshine away

• A fifth (20 per cent) say their holiday is more important to them than celebrating family birthday’s and Christmas!

• Holidays remain a vital part of our year with some families going to extreme lengths to ensure they don’t miss out on a break. From frugal year round spending to dedicated saving plans – more than four fifths (85 per cent) cannot forego their annual trip.

Trip taggers on?

• Next year parents are more popular than friends as four fifths  (20 per cent) are tagging along with mum and dad instead of making the most of a mates only break.

• While 16 per cent say their holiday is for all the family, including in-laws, a handful of parents (4 per cent) are packing the kids off with the grandparents so they can take their own separate trip minus the offspring!

Home comforts come too

• Half (49 per cent) cannot leave home without their favourite brand of teabag or ketchup.

• Other items we can’t leave the UK without are: photo’s of loved ones, toilet roll and even our comfy slippers!

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays, said: ”Our research also shows that a staggering two thirds are shunning the sunbed opting instead for a more active break. Be it exploring new sights, getting fit or even taking up a new hobby, family holidays are becoming more about creating quality time together rather than relaxing alone with an iPod or book!

“What’s most promising is, whether it means making year round sacrifices or opting to take teens and grandma too, holidays remain on the top of our agenda for 2014 in the UK. With our great value package breaks, combined with our low £60 deposit plus host of offers including thousands of free child places, even more families will be able to take even more quality time breaks away together next year!”

For more information or to book your next holiday visit www.Jet2holidays.com or, for a flights visit www.Jet2.com

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