13/365–Operation New Mummy

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Its a new year, time for a new mummy!  This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution because I don’t think they ever work, this is just me making the decision to get myself back to a shape that I’m happy with ready for all those long summer walks I’m intending on taking with my beautiful babies.

Getting fit doesn’t have to cost a fortune, I bought the cross-trainer off Ebay this week and guess how much it cost me?  You’ll never guess!  I paid £5.40 for it and its in perfect working order.  I actually wanted a treadmill because I could run for hours on one but Hubby doesn’t like them so he won and we bought the cross-trainer instead.  I’m not giving up just yet though, when I’ve cleared a space in the garage then perhaps I might just get back on Ebay and see what else I can find?

I started a couple of days ago doing sit-ups on the incline bench and my tummy is killing me today, but in that good kind of way where you know that you’ve worked hard and its making a difference.  I haven’t weighed myself so I don’t have any goals on how much weight I want to lose because honestly, I’m quite happy with what I’ve got, it just needs tightening up a bit.

I’ve also started doing Just Dance 2 and The Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii each week for a bit of something different.  I’m going to have to do a review on those because they are just brilliant fun but exercise at the same time.

Ok time to get back on that incline bench . . .

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